Structured Media

Structured Media

Structured media consists of rigid PVC sheets especially embossed with a microstructure that not only aids in the formation of a biofilm but also enhances the surface area available within the reactor volume. These sheets are assembled into rectangular blocks before installing into the bioreactor. In case of aerobic applications, the blocks also facilitate the movement of air (oxygen) in the system. The blocks are installed in a cross stacking manner to ensure strength of the media installation.

Our Product Range

Crossflow Fluted

Open-flow Media

Vertical Fluted

Crossflow Fluted Configuration

This product range combines high specific surface area with a large number of mixing points per unit volume to facilitate superior performance over a wide range of hydraulic wetting rates. This range of media provides the highest efficiency of BOD removal and is the media of choice for trickling filters, SAFF systems, hybrid bioreactors as well as nitrification and denitrification filters.




Open-flow Media Configuration

For higher BOD, where the risk of clogging of media may be higher, the Openflow media is recommended. The Openflow media consists of a hybrid of low flute and high flute cross corrugated sheets thereby keeping surface area relatively high but also increasing the module openings. Applications include Anaerobic reactors, trickling filters, SAFF systems

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Vertical Fluted Configuration

For high strength wastewater applications that involved high BOD and COD, vertical fluted media is preferred. These modules are a combination of vertical fluted sheets bonded with alternate plain sheets. This structure not only reduces the probability of clogging but also shears off excess solids.

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