Splash Fills

Splash Fills

Film types fills have been popular with the Cooling Tower Industry as a result of their efficiency of not only handling large quantities of water but also the overall tower efficiency. However in the case of heavily contaminated water, film type fills are susceptible to accumulating deposits and often make way for the use of splash type fills for effective water cooling. The forgiving nature of splash fills towards 'dirty' water and imperfect water distribution is offset by the need to have larger towers and thus higher capital costs as well as pumping heads.

Splash fills work on the principle of causing the flowing water to fall through a grid of 'splash bars/grids' causing the water droplets to break up and increasing the contact time between water and air. As the falling water encounters multiple layers of these splash fills, the droplets keep dividing into smaller sizes thereby increasing the heat transfer and thus cool the water.

Our Product Range

Perforated V-Bar

The V-Bar system has proven to be a superior system to upgrade Cross Flow cooling towers that have wood splash fill and for new construction NDCT and IDCTs where dirty water would clog film fills.

PP grid fills

A newer solution for using splash fills in counterflow towers, the PP grid fill design offers smaller tower heights as compared to splash bar based counterflow towers.

Perforated Slats

Older crossflow timber towers as well as some of the inefficiently designed newer ones use rectangular timber slats for application as fill media.


The COOLBar was designed to offer upgraded performance to crossflow towers using timbers slats or even the PVC slat.

Triangular Splash Bars