Random Media

Random BioMedia B-185

Random BioMedia B-185 has been designed for more important applications in wastewater treatment Viz., Trickling Filters or Biotowers, Hybrid Reactors with aerobic application and anaerobic applications. Since the product is made up of Poly Propylene material, it is non reactive and hence recommended for most applications including for refineries.

The B-185 Random BioMedia provides large surface area up to the tune of 105sq.m/m3 for the bacterial growth. The product has been extensively used for other industrial wastewater treatment application including Anaerobic hybrid reactors, SAFF reactors and other submerged aerobic applications. Trickling Filters or Biotwers are the other segments where B-185 Random BioMedia shall be used effectively. B-185 Random BioMedia shall be stacked for more than 8-10mtrs and still the media doesn’t settle or crumble. The PP media has been treated for UV radiation and hence protected by sunlight!

Theory Behind Fixed Film System

B-185 media has circular configuration with flower design with internal cross segments in order to provide better surface area for the bacterial growth. The media has overall diameter : height ratio of 3.5 so that sufficient space in between is the media is maintained and hence the void ratio. When randomly placed inside the reactor, B-185 media orient itself in such a fashion that wastewater and air movement is throughout the periphery of the media thus making complete utilization of surface area provided.

Product Specifications


Specification Values
Surface Area 105 m2/m3
Dimension 185 mm x 50mm
Void Ratio 95%
Bulk Density 35.0 kg/m3
Media Specific Gravity ~0.95-0.97
Media outer Diameter 185 mm


Specification Test procedure Values
MOC Poly Propylene
UV Properties UV Protected
Colour Black
Density ASTM 1505 0.95gm/cc
Tensile Strength ,yield ASTM D-638 310 kg/cm
Tensile Elongation, yield ASTM D-638 10.8%
Izod Impct Strength AASTM D 256 3.1kgCm/cm


Curve-1 Curve-2 Curve-3
Food process Meat Process and Distillery Bulk Drug
Brewery Municipal, Sewage Agro Indl.
Dairy Textile, Dyeing Pulp & paper Slaughter house
Fruit Process Petrochemical Refinery Land
fill Leachate