Polymer Film & Sheets Industry

Thin films &
Thick sheets

Armed with an installed annual capacity of more than 5000 Tons, COOLDECK provides thin films (150 microns to 800 microns) in PVC and PP as well as thick sheets (0.8mm to 3mm) in PVC.

With a primary focus on opaque thin film applications, the PVC material is produced on our brand new calender line with unparalleled process controls in maintaining constant thickness. Serving application areas such as thermoforming, printing and cards, we can offer customized formulations tailor made to meet any specific requirements of mechanical properties, colours or surface finish.

PVC T-die line

The PP thin film market is served through our completely refurbished T-die line. Transparent, semi transparent and opaque material is manufactured for applications such as stationery and printing.

Our PVC T-die line allows us the opportunity to serve industrial and construction sectors with chemically inert, mechanically strong and fire resistant uPVC and rigid PVC sheets. These sheets can be easily cut, sawed, drilled, screwed, riveted and printed upon. The material is chemically inert, non corrosive, water resistant and self extinguishing.


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