Energy Efficient FRP Fans

SCS Aerodynamic
FRP fans

SCS aerodynamically designed Aerofoil axial flow fans manufactured from high quality epoxy grade FRP material save up to 30% power as compared to aluminum fans. SCS fans achieve the best performance keeping power consumption and noise levels to the minimum possible.

Aerodynamic axial flow FRP fans manufactured by COOLDECK are specially designed for high-efficiency, critical applications, which include Cooling Towers, Humidification and Exhaust systems.

Key features

Design Features

Uniform Velocity

Uniform velocity over the entire blade area is the most important criteria of efficient axial flow fan design. To produce a uniform velocity through out its length, a fan blade must vary from a thin tip to a thick cambered root. Each point on the blade must have the proper combination of chord (Blade width) and angle. This results in a great deal of twist in a properly designed blade, a shape impossible to produce by extrusion and casting. The SCS fan blades are Jig-formed to provide the complex contour needed for high aerodynamic efficiency.

Energy saving

Get More Air or use Less energy - SCS fans provide 30% power saving or up to 10% extra airflow. As a result, the usual payback period for replacing aluminum fans is only 4-6 months. In a condition when power consumption is the important factor, blade angles are set to give the required airflow at the lowest power consumption. Alternately for the toughest duty condition when the airflow requirement is highest the blade angles can be set to give maximum performance from the existing conditions of power consumption. Any of these advantages can be suitably chosen at the time of fan installation.


SCS's fans are balanced statically in large sizes and dynamically in smaller sizes on computerized balancing machine to ensure vibration free maximum output.


Hardware: SS 304

Hub Body: M.S.

Clamps: MS/SS/

Hub Spool
Bush: Cast Iron

Sleeves: SS 304

Blades: Fiber
Reinforced Epoxy Resin

Fan Selection

SCS provides you technical assistance for the selection of right fan. This can be accomplished with the help of characteristic curves developed for each fan designed.

Category I

Cooling Tower Fans

Cooling Tower fans are designed considering the pressure drops of the cooling tower fills, drift eliminator, inlet louver etc. The pressure drops come by way of velocity head in discharging the air after cooling. Most of these applications required pressure drops varying from 7 mm water to 20 mm of water column. These fans are designed for optimum-design conditions of the cooling tower. The usage of these fans is crosschecked for application in varied conditions like the changes in the press drop.

Category II

Humidification fans

These fans are designed to suit varying conditions of operating departments in industries such as textile processing. The pressure range of operation of these fans is 20 mm to 50 mm. SCS humidifier fans are specifically designed to suit these requirements. Common sizes in this category are 900 mm to 1600 mm diameter.

Category III

Exhaust fans

SCS Exhaust fans are manufactured with a suitable cylinder to house the fans. This primary requirement along with the velocity head that an exhaust fan is required to develop to force the air at required level are the key considerations in the design of SCS Exhaust fans. Other important criteria in the design of SCS exhaust fan are those of the low speed of fan and consequent low noise level at highest efficiency.SCS Exhaust fans are available with fixed blade angles in sizes of 18" and 24".