Biological Media

treatment processes

Biological treatment processes have undergone a paradigm change with the advent of high efficiency plastic media. Working on the principle of offering higher surface area for biological activity within the given volume of the reactor, bio media have resulted in highly efficient and compact treatment systems - both aerobic and anerobic. These plastic media aids the formation of uniform biological film on the media surface. Microorganism growth on the media converts organic waste into a removable inorganic biomass.

Our Product Range

Structured Media

Structured media consists of rigid PVC sheets especially embossed with a microstructure that not only aids in the formation of a biofilm but also enhances the surface area available within the reactor volume.

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Random Media for Trickling Filters

Random BioMedia B-185 has been designed for more important applications in wastewater treatment Viz., Trickling Filters or Biotowers, Hybrid Reactors with aerobic application and anaerobic applications.

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Floating Media

Fluidized Aeration Bed (FAB) / Moving Bio Bed Reactors (MBBR) systems are primarily dependent on the two factors that govern their performance - the efficiency of aeration and the efficiency & life of the floating media.

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