About Us


COOLDECK Industries Limited has metamorphosed from its 1988 inception - COOLDECK (cooling tower internals) to COOLDECK Aqua Solutions Pvt Ltd (adding wastewater products) onto COOLDECK Industries Pvt Ltd (adding building products). The company has diverse in-house manufacturing capabilities such as film calendaring/extrusion, thermoforming, injection moulding on plastic variants including PVC, PP, FRP, ABS, HDPE and Nylon. This background helps us in creating quality plastic products for a wide spectrum of industrial, commercial as well as consumer applications.

Through its headquarters in Mumbai, India and 70,000 square feet of state of the art manufacturing facility in the union territory of Daman, India we have successfully served OEM, contractors as well as end customer in varied fields such as power, textiles, refineries, mills, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, gas, steel, construction, printing, etc.

ISO 9001:2008 certified by BVQI, the company has a fully equipped test laboratory and testing regimes. Annual installed production capacity of 12000 Tons, technically qualified and experienced management and personnel.

We combine these manufacturing capabilities with our strong technical background in our application areas to provide not just products but also value added services to make your project an unqualified success.


"We Aim for the Top"

Stay in the forefront of plastics application technology through intelligent customer interaction and in-house research and development.


"Innovation is the Key to Success!"

Design new products while improving existing ones for better performance. Use modern manufacturing technologies and the best raw materials to improve product quality at optimum cost.


"Quality Comes First"

Rigidly follow quality control processes and international standards that govern the industry.


– A Timeline

Running Since 1984

Perfect Converters, manufacturing PVC films and printing of PVC bags was formed.


Started manufacturing 12mm cross-corrugated double edge folded PVC fill media.

1994 – 1998

Set up factory Union Territory of Daman with 8000 sq feet. Facilities added included extruders to add the product range of V-Bars and Blade type drift eliminators

Added 19mm cross-corrugated film fill media and introduced India’s first indigenously designed blade type drift eliminator – CD100.

Introduced structured film fill media for wastewater treatment. Upgraded one of the larger cooling towers in India at that time – Gas Authority of India Ltd., Guna with 19mm fills, drift eliminators and nozzles. The tower has been working satisfactorily since. Introduced PVC Slats – an alternative to wooden fills for small to mid-sized cooling towers.

2000 – 2004

Designed the ‘boomerang’ type tube settler media for water/waste-water clarification.

Added chevron-shaped tube settler media to the manufacturing stable.

Designed and started manufacturing Fluidized Aeration Bed (FAB) media for water treatment.

Added a calendering line for in-house manufacturing of PVC sheets as well as a spacious modernized factory along with a fully equipped in-house test laboratory.

2006 – 2010

Introduced double walled Drift Eliminator – DrifEl146 for large counterflow cooling towers.

Extrusion Capacity – 3200 Tons/year; Forming Capacity – 3750 Tons/year.

Launched patented process – Packaged STP based on RBC Technology & installed Injection Moulding Unit. Started manufacturing of splash grids for counterflow cooling towers.

Achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification under the aegis of BVQI. Drift eliminators were tested for drift loss performance as per CTI-ATC140 (Isokinetic test method) for the first time in India.

Moved factory location to add 150% more space compared to the existing unit. Added extrusion/calendering line for manufacturing PP sheets and upgraded other capacities.

2011 – Present

Upgraded the downstream equipment of the PVC and PP calendering lines to meet commercial requirements.

Introduced fully automated weighing system for compounding.

Commercial production and installations of uPVC fins and louvers for the building facades.

Launched WPC decking and cladding for interior and exterior applications.

Introduced high efficiency MBBR media for WTP with surface area of 650 m2/m3.