What is unique
about our offerings?

COOLDECK offers a number of unique and unparalleled design and manufacturing advantages across its product range. Through the links in this section, we will highlight a few of the tangible benefits you can avail by choosing us.

In addition to these specific benefits, we strive to promise a fair relationship through our supply chain. Our commitments to our customers are as strong as they are to our vendors. After all, both are equal partners with us in the success of this venture.

We have a dedicated post sales service team that assists customers with site specific issues such as material handling, site assembly and optimization of resources. We continually solicit and encourage customer feedback as we strive to improve our product and offerings. Every employee of COOLDECK is encouraged to be responsible for the success or failure of the products.

Our key management personnel, have been associated with the company and industry for decades.

The sales and marketing team from the Water Product Group and the Building Product Group bring significant domain expertise.

We also have inputs from the maintenance and development team at our factory that highlights these plant features.

Unique features of: Cooling Tower Components

Film Fills

  • The continuous forming process as against conventional clamp vacuum forming offers lower wastage, better thickness control.

  • The double folded edges provide enhanced strength on the load bearing points of the fill.

  • Specially developed gluing points offer a strong bonding surface due to the large contact area between adjacent sheets. This results on robust fill blocks.

  • The microstructure of the COOLFill range of fills is horizontal, thus not allowing any water to channel through to the bottom of the flutes. This unique feature causes better mixing of air and water and results in higher cooling efficiency on account of better water travel paths.

  • Deeper forming on the fill sheet gives an enhanced microstructure which results in higher specific surface area per unit volume, thereby giving better cooling efficiency to COOLFill.

Splash Fills

  • The COOLOpti grid fill is designed in such a manner that with proper installation, the splash member of each layer of the fill is offset from the layer above and below it. This results in better splashing efficiency as compared to fills where all splash members are installed exactly below each other.

  • The COOLOpti fills can be offered in fire retardant PP if required.

  • COOLDECK's perforated V-bar has a stiffener on the edge of the V to provide additional strength on this load bearing point.

  • The diamond and pentagonal perforation on the COOLDECK Splash fills offer much lower surface tension as compared to round perforations. This results in quicker rupture of the water droplet, thereby increasing splash efficiency.

  • The COOLBar has specially designed notches for easier fitment onto the supporting grid.

  • Both the slat and the COOLBar are designed so as to cause least resistance to air in both counterflow and crossflow tower configurations

Drift Eliminators

  • The cellular drift eliminators come standard with 0.4mm stiffener sheets that give structural strength to the eliminator modules.

  • The continuously updated moulds give a product that is superior not just in performance but also one that you will be proud to display to your customer.

  • The double walled construction, DrifEl146 is the only eliminator blade in India that has been field tested as per CTI-ATC140.

Unique Features of uPVC for Building Construction

uPVC v/s Other Building Construction Materials

Weight Light Light Heavy
Installation ease Easy Easy Moderate
Custom Sizes Available Restricted Customizable at site
Labour intensive Low Moderate Heavy
Surface Finish Excellent Excellent but may be dulled
over time because of axidation
Colour Fastness High High Not Applicable
Aesthetic Value High High Low
Flammability Self Extinguishing Aluminium dust
(powder) is combustible
Non combustible
Wear Resistance High Anodizing can
reduce wear resistance
Scratch Resistance High Medium Medium
Oxidation Does not read with oxygen/
water & hence is
corrosion proof
Oxidizes with reaction to
water to produce aluminium oxide
Not Applicable
Serviceability Can be cleaned
& washed with water
Can be cleaned & washed
with water but surface may dull
Entrapped dust particles
cannot be cleaned even
with jet sprays
Cost Moderate Highest Lowest
Recycable Yes Yes No